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What's a Host Agency?

The inner-workings of the travel industry can be a little overwhelming to the beginner. Travel terminology, as well as the license requirements and business options, can intimidate anyone from taking the plunge and doing what they love.

We would like to inform you of what exactly a Host Agency is so you can better understand the valuable role it can play in your "taking the plunge" in the travel industry!

Travel Agencies offer direct services to those seeking to travel. The Travel Agencies goal is to meet all the needs of their client including setting up itineraries, searching for the best rates, making transportation and entertainment arrangements and much much more!

In contrast, the Host Agency does not service travel clients but the travel agent or those wishing to sell travel. Host Agencies take care of ALL the needs the Travel Agent may have including E&O insurance, travel licenses, supplier relations, CRM Software, accounting, industry accreditations, as well as setting up FAM Trips to ensure education on destinations is strengthened and perfected. In effect, the Host Agency becomes an advocate for the Travel Agent ensuring they are able to do their job and provide the fullest benefits and resources for their clients without having so much back-office administration.

The Travel Industry isn’t the only place you will see this mentality of business which offers superior services and support enabling the utmost success for the agent and client. This business model is also found in the Financial Advisory circuit by using independent-broker dealers such as H.Beck Inc. These independent-broker dealers take care of legality issues as well as licenses and security needs in order to protect the Financial Advisor as he works on behalf of his clients. Just as the independent-broker dealers protect the financial advisor from lawsuits as well as their clients from security infringements, a “Host Agency” protects the travel agent from law suites or doing business with improper licenses. The bottom line is Host Agencies such as Gateway Travel are here to serve the Travel Agent and ensure their business can grow and they look like a super-hero to their clients!

Check our packages or give us a call to discuss how we can help you grow your business today!


Serving our agents is our NUMBER ONE priority - We don't sell travel but strictly focus on providing the best service possible to each and every one of our agents.

Remember, Gateway Travel has NO HIDDEN FEES and NO START UP COST.

We are here to help serve you any way we can! Our goal is to help you be unique and truly BE YOU! You can always fill out a Contact form so we can assist with any questions you may have or if you are ready to sign up as a Travel Agent today get started now.

We can't wait to have you be a part of our wonderful team of agents! We would love for you to take the time to read our Facebook Reviews and see what our agents are saying first hand.

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