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Travel for Food | Foodies | International Travel

One of today’s most powerful niches is culinary travel. Travel is no longer a casual glaze over a restaurant here or there, they are planned around dining at the finest restaurants in the destination area. Culinary travel is a niche that travel agents need to take advantage of quickly.

Local Cafe

Some tips to breaking into this niche include partnering with local restaurants, wine tasting clubs, wineries, or varies other food or drink related clubs.

Social Media

Social media is also a huge market that more and more agents are starting to break into with the help of agency programs. Gateway Travel has twenty specific classes to help break into this market. Millennials are leading the travel trend, and most use social media. These days everyone is posting pictures and videos of what they are cooking, eating, and drinking; DIY kits, grilling, tasting new wine, and dinner on the lake. People will post everything in their lives centered around food and drink. But do agents aspiring to capture business from this niche need to be food connoisseurs themselves? It could be true. We always say to be yourself and sell what you love. If you love food and fine wine, this is absolutely the niche for you!


As always, agents need to know the product. Wouldn’t you want your agent to have an idea of which river cruise lines have the best cuisine? What tours include a cooking class in Asia or fine wine in Europe? Are there all-inclusive resorts that are known for great food and have celebrity chefs?

Know Your Clients

Agents also need to know their clients. Although a basic knowledge of any niche is helpful when selling travel, knowing your client’s desires is the first step. If your clients want a wine tasting river cruise and you book them a “Taste of India” tour, you’re not being a very good listener. Can’t figure out where to send your clients? Take a look on the food network or local food blog to see the latest foodie trends.

In the end, it’s all about what your clients wants. Listen to their travel goals, plan accordingly, and always be flexible with your thoughts and ideas. They are the clients and you can either be a window they can look through or a door they have to open.

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