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30 Beach Activities for Everyone

Families playing at the beach

Spending the summer at the beach is great, but it can become a little repetitive and boring. So, in a bid to keep you entertained and happy at the beach here are 30 beach activities that will make for an amazing summer.

  1. Buy a paddling pool and take it to the beach and fill with seawater. Your young kids can play in this mini ocean without the danger of the waves.

  2. Make sand angels and video the experience.

  3. Go on a seashell hunt. Then categorize the shells either by type or color.

  4. Break up the day at the beach with a coastal walk.

  5. Build a marbles course in the sand! Make paths and race your marbles to see who wins. It can be made harder with ramps and obstacles.

  6. Play Marco Polo. This can be played on the beach and in the water.

  7. Write your name, song titles and more in the sand with pebbles.

  8. Go snorkeling, either a professional class or take your own snorkel masks.

  9. Divide up into teams and play the water bucket relay. With a small plastic cup one member of each team must run back and forth filling the cup up with sea water and emptying it out into a bucket, held by a family member. The team to fill their bucket first wins.

  10. If you have a large family, play Musical Towels, a beach adaptation of Musical Chairs.

  11. Play the classic game of I spy, make it harder by playing with binoculars.

  12. Help the environment and learn about conservation by collecting trash off the beach. All you need is gloves and a trash bag.

  13. Challenge your family and friends to Beach Darts. Draw a target in the sand with concentric rings and give a value to each ring. Throw pebbles onto the target to score points. Either see who can reach 100 first or who can score the most with 10 throws.

  14. Create a beach scavenger hunt, whereby your family has to find everything on the beach. For example, seashell, green pebble, feather and seaweed.

  1. Build a giant sandcastle, with moat.

  2. Play a game of beach bowling. Either buy a set from a local shop our make your own. Use plastic bottles filled with a little sand for the skittles and a tennis ball for the bowling ball. The more sand you put into the bottle, the harder it will be to knock it down.

  3. When you visit a beach with a breeze play Frisbee.

  4. During winter, build a snowman but in summer you can build a sandman. Take it a step further and build a sand family.

  5. Perfect your skimming skills, with a smooth pebble. See how many sea bounces you can get.

  6. Take a couple of mason jars and make a beach in a jar to take home and remember your experience.

  7. Find a pet rock. Collect smooth rocks and paint them at the beach.

  8. Carve a Tic Tac Toe table into the sand and play with stones for the O’s and seashells for the X’s.

  9. Keep it traditional and fly a kite, Mary Poppins style.

  10. Take a surfing class or go boogie boarding.

  1. Make your day at the beach special with either a sunrise or a sunset experience.

  2. Take noodles and inflatable toys to play with in the water.

  3. If you have older kids, or an adult family, play beach volleyball.

  4. Take sandcastle building one step further and build a whole sand castle village.

  5. Take a pad of paper and coloured pencils and draw what you can see.

  6. Splash around in the water with a playful game of jumping over the waves as they reach the shore. See which family member can jump the highest.

Hopefully you have found some new and exciting activities for some beach fun on this list. Failing these you can always rely on a great book and listen to some music.

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