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Partner | Spouse Travel Agents

When starting the fun adventure of becoming a travel agent, often you want to bring a partner or spouse along on the journey. There are two options available for you to review. Let's break down those two options together so you can decide which would best work for your desired goal and outcome.


In cases where a spouse|partner want to work together, one option we offer is pretty simple, shared logins. This would mean that only one agent sign up directly with Gateway Travel and share their unique logins with their spouse/partner so they could both access the Gateway Travel Agent website and supplier booking engines.

Things to keep in mind with this option:

Only one of you will need to sign up as the travel agent with Gateway Travel. The agent that signs up with Gateway Travel would receive all commissions in their name, a 1099 at the end of the year tied to their Business ID or SSN, and upon reaching qualification would be entitled to their travel IATA card allowing them to take advantage of travel industry discounts.

Why this may not work: This option may not be a good fit if you are each wanting your own logins or own travel agent perks and discounts down the road.



Unlike the shared login approach, the Sub Agent route is going to give each of you your own unique logins and opportunity to earn travel industry discounts. To take advantage of the Sub Agent account, one of you will need to sign up in the 70%, 80%, or 90% package. Once you are signed up, you can work with your New Agent Support team member (this is a team member assigned to you for your first 180 days to help you start your journey successfully with Gateway Travel) to get your spouse|partner signed up as your Sub Agent.

The Sub Agent program will be a reduced monthly rate and allow you to each earn commission, have your own unique logins with Gateway Travel, and both qualify individually for agent discounts.

Let's break down the cost so you can have some real numbers to review.

For example, let's sign up Tom & Mary Smith as a Sub Agent Spousal Team.

Mary would like to be the Lead Agent in the 80% plan and have Tom sign up as her Sub Agent, also in the 80% plan.

$54.99 Mary - 80% Plan

$39.99 Tom - 80% Sub Agent Plan


$94.98 Total per month

Remember, Gateway Travel has NO HIDDEN FEES and NO START UP COST.

We can't wait to have you be a part of our wonderful team of agents!


At Gateway Travel, our top priority is serving our agents. Unlike other companies, we don't sell travel; we focus solely on providing exceptional support to our agents.

Join us with confidence—Gateway Travel has NO HIDDEN FEES and NO START-UP COSTS. ✨

We’re dedicated to helping you stand out and succeed.

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