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Free Marketing Resources

Consistent marketing is crucial in any business so that the right growth pattern may occur. When starting out it can be difficult to maintain consistent marketing to ensure your customer base remembers you are a valuable asset to their travel planning process. Ensuring your name is constantly put in front of them in a professional and relevant manor is crucial to ensuring trust is built between the agent and client.

Gateway Travel offers an extensive list of marketing assistance but today we wanted to share with you two free options that all of our agents are welcome to take advantage of, no matter what package they choose.

Agent Profiler

Agent Profiler offers clients an opportunity to search an extensive database (typically pulling up on google, yahoo, and bing searches) for a travel agent specialist who best matches their travel interest. We encourage you to follow the best practices offered when submitting and filling out your Agent Profiler by making it as detailed as possible. This will ensure you draw the right clients and stand out from the competition. Being an expert in all things is not a great way to market yourself but a specialist to Cancun, Mexico will draw in the right demographic, if that is your niche.

Agent Profiler will allow you the opportunity to display a full representation of your expertise and knowledge, along with your photos, biography and links to social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our Agent Profiler is a great FREE resource that many of our agents have had success with. What do we consider success? Success for our agents is bookable credible leads! You can see a great example of this free resources here!


SPARK Program

Ever felt stuck or out of ideas for your social media posts? Wished you had a little nudge or inspiration to kick things off? We heard you loud and clear, and we've crafted this program especially for YOU!

Remember, the Social Media Spark Program is our gift to you – a testament to our commitment to your growth and success. We genuinely believe in each of you, and this program is a manifestation of that belief. So, get ready to ignite your social media presence, captivate your audience, and truly sparkle in the digital realm!

Cheers to a brighter, more vibrant social media journey! Let's light it up!

Endless Inspiration: Dive into a plethora of content ideas! We're handing over 50 mesmerizing images per month, along with catchy verbiage and hashtags to light up your social channels. It's like an idea factory right at your fingertips!

Custom-Tailored For Travel Agents: Every single piece of content is curated with YOU in mind. They're designed not just to capture attention, but to truly resonate with what you do every day.

Boost Your Brand: Consistency is key in social media. With a steady stream of quality posts, watch your personal brand soar and witness increased engagement from clients and prospects alike!

Drive More Business: Engage, entice, and turn your followers into loyal clients. These posts are not just pretty; they're purposeful.

Connect & Convert: Engaging social media content opens the door for conversations. And as we all know, meaningful interactions often lead to bookings!

Stay Ahead of the Curve: In the ever-evolving world of social media, we're handing you the torch to shine bright, stay relevant, and always have something exciting to share!


Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing is an incredible FREE resources that all of Gateway Travel agents have access to. We are partnered with a firm that provides direct mail and email marketing to your list of clients. So how does it work? You upload your personal client list and professionally designed mailers and emails will be sent on your behalf and personalized with you as the sole call-to-action! Incredible and FREE!

This type of marketing is called permission-based marketing, because you always control which offers are sent to each of your clients. Just to give you an idea you can select from 50+ industry leading Supplier Partners, including Royal Caribbean, Crystal Cruises, Globus, Viking Cruises and many more top brands! This is absolutely a resource you do not want to miss out on! Let your clients receive beautifully designed mailers and e-mails showcasing you as an amazing agent on top of all the latest promotions and supplier offers!


At Gateway Travel, our top priority is serving our agents. Unlike other companies, we don't sell travel; we focus solely on providing exceptional support to our agents.

Join us with confidence—Gateway Travel has NO HIDDEN FEES and NO START-UP COSTS. ✨

We’re dedicated to helping you stand out and succeed.

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