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Daily & Weekly Travel Planner | Freebie

There are many wonderful things about having a travel agent. As a travel agent, you can take care of so many details which allows your client to truly focus on the goal of their trip whether business, spending time with family, or seeking adventure.

At times, you can run across clients that truly enjoy being in control and planning out the nitty-gritty of their vacations, including the day to day activities or you may have a client that prefers to have you plan these out for them.

Our goal was to provide you some great FREE resources to print, use, share, or implement for your own personal travel. Below you will find access to a daily & weekly travel planner printable! Happy travel planning!

Daily Travel Planner

First up is our Daily Planner! This Daily Planner will allow you or your client to focus on daily reminders, things to accomplish, and even an area for meal plans or reservation reminders.

This can be a great resource for check-in/check-out days to ensure nothing is forgotten as well as documenting reservation numbers and supplier phone numbers so they can be quickly accessible.

You can access the Daily Travel Planner below.

Weekly Travel Planner

We love using this Weekly Travel Planner which can be a great option for at-a-glance spreads. These at-a-glance spreads allow you or your client to quickly view daily activities, reservations, and ensure highlights or the trip aren't missed.

This weekly spread can be a great recourse for Orlando, FL destinations or a cruise where each day can present a new park or port-of-call.

This little bit of extra effort can truly help to set you apart from the crowd ensuring your client and your own travel is well organized and given the attention to detail it deserves!

Happy Travel Planning from your Gateway Travel Family!


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