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Where to start?

Once you have signed up as an agent with Gateway Travel we have some recommendations on what to start tackling first to lot loose momentum in your first few months.

Branding Yourself

You may be using your business name or working under the Gateway Travel name regardless, you need to follow a clear branding message. Make sure people know what you sell, what you charge, and how it benefits them with as few words as possible.

To pull in and communicate to the average potential client they need information that is easy to understand and provides a clear message before they delve deeper into a business relationship with you.

Consistent Marketing

One of the biggest errors that can be made with marketing is not being consistent or relevant in your marketing. Be sure to take advantage of the social media marketing training Gateway Travel has provided, this will be very beneficial. Come up with a marketing plan you can easily implement and follow. Print off a calendar or pick up a planner at the store and fill it with post you can easily maintain and schedule. Be sure your marketing is personal and relatable so your audience can identify with you and continue to come to you or more information. If you are marketing to retiree's include pictures of a retiree life. If you are working with young families take photos of yourself and your children with relevant travel agent tips and quotes!


When you have identified your brand and narrowed down the destinations you are focusing on never stop learning and ensure you are a destination expert. Don't stop learning. Share all the training you are taking part in with your client base and include photos on your social media pages. Your clients and social media followers will appreciate seeing that their agent takes their profession and duties seriously by investing in themselves and their continual advancement.

Get Out There

Find ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone and reach out to different groups in your community, facebook parent groups, discussion forums - truly the list is endless. Be creative and brainstorm some groups you could pitch travel to like cheer groups, sports groups, homeschool families, casino lovers, church cruises etc... Take the first few months to throw and follow out as many ideas as you possibly can. Never give up trying and pushing yourself to think outside the box.


At Gateway Travel, our top priority is serving our agents. Unlike other companies, we don't sell travel; we focus solely on providing exceptional support to our agents.

Join us with confidence—Gateway Travel has NO HIDDEN FEES and NO START-UP COSTS. ✨

We’re dedicated to helping you stand out and succeed.

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