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Package Terms & FAQ
Membership Plan Terms & Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my commission mid-year?

Agent can change to a higher plan at any point in their contract.  A new yearly contract will be signed to the higher requested plan in order to implement.  There is a 45-day waiting period when upgrading to higher commissions and those commissions to be allocated to your payments.


Can I downgrade my commission mid-year?

No, Agents can change to a lower package ONLY on their contract anniversary.   If an Agent decides to stop payments mid year, then they will be required to pay half of the remainder of their current package as well as a $149 change fee.  


Are the agent options for one year and will they renew?

Membership Plans will renew on an annual basis.  If a new package is desired for the following year, agent must contact the agency 30 days prior to contract renewal.


How do I receive a CLIA or IATA card?

You may apply for your CLIA card for a small fee if you wish to obtain it before you reach our minimums.  Please note that all expenses for this card are the responsibility of the agent applying.  


To be eligible to apply for the IATA card, an agent must produce $5,000 in successful commissions no matter what level of commission they have chosen. Please note that all expenses for this card are the responsibility of the agent applying.  


What is the Customizable Website include and are there fees?

Leaders Edge is part of a “suite” of digital marketing tools designed to increase traffic to your website, grow your email list and generate leads. The award-wining program leverages Agent Profiler, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Engagement email marketing to lead consumers to your site where they can view promotions and connect directly with your agents. We update your website every month with fresh promotional content developed by the same creative experts behind our high-quality travel magazines. This turn-key solution allows you to focus on selling travel rather than updating your website.  For more in-depth details, click here.


What is Fastpass Pay and who qualifies?

Fastpass Pay is a feature allowing agents payment twice a month.  You receive your commission as soon as we get it.  This applies to ALL travel!


Do you include E&O Insurance and does it cost me anything out of pocket?

All Agents receive FREE E&O insurance through Gateway Travel.

What does your marketing program include?

Our marketing program is tailored for each supplier your niche includes.  The last module in our training program includes how to market to your potential clients.  During this module, we not only give you the information you will use, but the marketing program, including demographics, tactics, social media pictures, and other useful information.  Basically, if you are afraid of marketing, we have you covered!

Do you have a training program?

After joining our new LMS (Learning Management System), you'll have access to our four module course packed full of useful information in not just selling travel, but building a lasting business.  These 40+ videos and documents will guide you through a variety of topics, ending with our coveted in-depth, marketing program.  We also have exclusive training with Disney, Royal Caribbean, and many other fantastic suppliers.

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