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Travel Agent Technology


Our CRM is unlike anyone else's because we built it ourselves.  You won't find that anywhere else on the market.  We believe that this CRM is the perfect fit for our company, and most importantly, you, our agents. Store all of your clients pertinent information so you can book trips seamlessly. Organize your business by managing all your clients details including reservations, agent to-do lists, itinerary printing, and invoicing.  


When you join Gateway Travel you'll have exclusive access to our Agent Portal, packed full of resources, FAQ, tips and tricks, business training, and so much more provided by our own Gateway Travel agents and staff.  This portal is where you will access all the goodies you'll use in the future.


As other companies continue to get slower, we continue to speed-up when you get paid.  As a travel agent with Gateway Travel, you'll be paid direct deposit twice a month the very next period after we receive commission from your destination.


These personal agent websites are travel focused and content rich; updating daily and automatically by our suppliers. Our two websites will show current promotions, prices, and pictures allowing your customers to contact you directly when interested in booking their vacation.  Investing in this site will save you time and allow your customers to search deals directly on your site.  This is an additional fee.

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