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Frequently Asked Questions


We have included a list of frequently asked questions we have received.  If you find your questions have not been answered please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who can join Gateway Travel?

Gateway Travel is looking for experienced agents as well as individuals new to the travel industry that have a strong desire and determination to launch a career as a travel agent.


What are the costs involved in joining Gateway Travel?

We work hard to give our agents the most cutting edge technology at the most affordable rate.  We have no up-front costs and our monthly costs vary depending on the options the agent chooses.  You can see a detailed cost break down here.


Do I need Errors and Omissions insurance?

Gateway Travel has an E&O insurance policy that covers all our agents, no matter what plan they choose!


Will my clients be my clients?

Yes, you are an independent contractor and self-employed.  Your clients will always remain your clients.  Our goal is to help you grow your existing business as well as cultivate new clients.  


Which affiliates does Gateway Travel operate under?

We are a member of IATAN, CLIA, OSSN,, and the Travel Institute. 


What other expenses may occur?

As the owner of your own business be prepared to pay phone, internet, office supplies, business cards, and other tools you may need to function day to day.    


Will brochures be available?

Yes, you will have access to content rich supplier brochures  that you can share with your clients at no added cost.  These brochures are available directly from the suppliers we work with.


What training will I receive?

Gateway Travel offers 40+ high quality, in-house training videos, and materials to go with those videos, to help our agents, not only sell travel, but build a lasting business.  Our agents are also granted access to exclusive training with Disney, Royal Caribbean, and many other top suppliers.  You can read more about the training offered here.


Does Gateway offer FAM Trips?

Gateway agents will have access to Fam trips.  Fam trips are offered by suppliers and allow you an in-depth look at their products so you can better sell and discuss these locations with your clients. To take advantage of these you must meet the eligibility requirements as set by the supplier and Gateway Travel. Gateway Travel also offers our very own workshops for Gateway Travel agents only, to meet and work together with each other to learn first-hand all the benefits staying on site with one of our fantastic suppliers!  You can read more about FAM trips here.


Can I receive an IATAN Card with Gateway Travel?

Yes, IATA card holders, no matter the package, must produce $5,000 in commission before access into the program is granted.  Annual cost of the IATA card is the responsibility of the agent.  You can read more about the IATA card here.


How often do I get paid?

We pay all commissions on the 15th and 29th of each month.  These are direct deposited into each of our agents accounts. Read more about being paid as an agent here.

When will I get paid for a booking?

Normally, suppliers release payment to Gateway Travel two-four weeks after clients check in.  If your client books a trip with a check out date of November 1 you will most likely get paid December 15th for that reservation.  But all Suppliers are different, and certain suppliers may not pay until 3 or even 6 months after the client returns home.  We have a great commissions graph in our agent portal to show you when you can expect payment from our company.  We have NEVER not paid one of our agents...that's just tacky.  We ALWAYS pay.


Can I charge service fees to my client?

Yes, you can charge fees directly to your client.  


How will I receive my clients documents?

You will request the supplier to send these directly to you or your client.  


Can I see my bookings and commissions?

Yes, we use a CRM database located on our Agent Website.  This allows you to access your bookings and commission history from any computer that has Internet connection.  So even when you are on vacation yourself, you can access all your clients, commissions, and reservation history.  This option is free for all packages.  Read more about our CRM here.


Can I have another IC work for me?

Yes, you can learn more information about our Sub-Agent Program by clicking HERE





What type of marketing does Gateway Travel offer?

Not only does Gateway Travel spend time investing in marketing training, as well as offering marketing plans for your business, but we offer several automated options for you to explore.  Check out more information on our marketing page.  Read more about our marketing here.


How long does it take to get my business started when I sign up?

Once you complete your application your journey begins immediately.  After your scheduled call you'll be issued your login information.  Read more about how soon you can start booking here.


What is the term of the contractual agreement?

All of our contracts run for 12 months and are renewed automatically if the agent does not contact the agency exactly 30 days prior to the renewal.


What if I need to end my contact before my 12 month period?

You will be responsible for half the fees remaining in your contract as well as a $149.00 early cancellation fee.


Am I considered an Independent Contractor or an Employee with Gateway Travel?

An Independent Contractor. You are self-employed and will be issued a 1099 annually for tax purposes.


What Commission split does Gateway Travel pay?

We offer a variety of plans for you to choose paying up to 90% commissions on all bookings!  Check out our Agent Packages to find the right fit for your business needs.  Read more about how a Travel Agent gets paid here.


If I am moving from another host and want to receive my IATA Card or start at a higher commission level, what proof is needed?

We will need you to provide a 1099 or copies of pay stubs from your previous agency.  We would be happy to help!


Do you offer a CLIA card?

Yes, you have the option of purchasing a CLIA card through our company after you have been with Gateway for 6 months.

Do I need to worry about state seller of travel laws?

Yes, you will be responsible for adhering to your state’s seller of travel laws, but we are here to help.  If you need assistance with this process let us know and we will be glad to offer our assistance.


What steps do I take to setup my business correctly?

Since each city and state have varying requirements for setting up a home-based business.  We encourage you to check with your local city hall, registrar or state for setting up a home or office based business. If you have any questions, please ask your attorney or accountant.


Can I start my business under my own company name?

Absolutely, as an independent contractor, you will operate your travel business under your personal or company name.   When working with your clients they will operate under your name or your business name and when working with suppliers you will operate under Gateway Travel’s name.  


What will my relationship be with suppliers?

Once you sign up Gateway Travel you will be considered an agent or agency of Gateway Travel.  You will receive all perks, offers, and commission percentages forwarded from the suppliers



Can I have a Business Partner or Spouse Work With Me?

Yes, usually, a business partner or spouse will be operating under the same account number as the primary agent.  This is answered on a case-by-case basis.  Please schedule a call and we'll be happy to discuss your situation.  You can also read more about working with a spouse here.

Can I join if I am an international agent?

Unfortunately no.  Gateway Travel is not accepting international agents at this time. We only accept applications from US citizens currently living in the US.

Will I get a website?

Be sure to read our Blog Post and check out our take on why we don't offer a Website.

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