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How soon can I get started?

Updated April 19, 2024

What is standing between you and booking your first trip as a Gateway Travel Agent?

Today we breakdown the process so you can fully understand what steps are needed for you to sign up all the way to that first step of booking your own travel or your client's first getaway!

We are so excited that you are looking at the possibility of becoming a Stay At Home - Travel Agent with Gateway Travel so let's get started!

1. Selecting your Commission Package

Your first step is selecting your commission package. We offer four different packages ranging from 60%-90%. Keep in mind you are able to increase commission throughout your contract with Gateway Travel. If you request to increase your commission package it does take 45 business days for the new commission to take effect. Another thing to keep in mind is our Sub-Agent program is only accessible for agents in the 70%, 80%, or 90% plan. If you are wanting to utilize the Sub-Agent program be sure to sign up with a 70% or higher package.

Looking to better understand How a Travel Agent Get's Paid or a breakdown of the cost to get started with Gateway Travel you can read all about that too!

2. Sign Up

When you have determined the best commission package for your business structure you will want to head to the SIGN UP tab located on the upper right hand side of our homepage menu. You will simply select your preferred commission package and hit "add to cart".

Once you have added your selection to your cart you will need to answer a few questions to proceed with check out. You will be able to see a peek at these questions in the video reference below.

Answer all questions and proceed to check out! :)

3. Courtesy Call

Upon check out you will be sent to a registration page with our full training module. One of those modules is scheduling a Courtesy Call with your New Agent Support Team Member. This is the team member assigned to you to get you started in the travel industry. This member will be with you until we see you succeed in booking travel and receiving your first commissions! This call is very important to us! During this call we are able to get a better idea of what your goals are, how we can serve you and help you get started right as you launch or transition your business. This is typically a 30 minute phone call and also provides an opportunity for you to ask any remaining questions. You can read in full about our Courtesy Call here.

4. Full Access

Within an hour after your courtesy call you will be granted FULL ACCESS to all Gateway Travel Agency has to offer. It can seem overwhelming those first few days as you setup Marketing, CRM, Facebook Business Pages, Emails, Supplier Bookings, Module Training and much more - but don't worry your New Agent Support Team Member and our staff are here to serve and support you however we can!


Serving our agents is our NUMBER ONE priority - We don't sell travel but strictly focus on providing the best service possible to each and every one of our agents. Remember, Gateway Travel has NO HIDDEN FEES and NO START UP COST.

We are here to help serve you any way we can! Our goal is to help you be unique and truly BE YOU! You can always fill out a Contact form so we can assist with any questions you may have or if you are ready to sign up as a Travel Agent today get started now.

We can't wait to have you be a part of our wonderful team of agents! We would love for you to take the time to read our Facebook Reviews and see what our agents are saying first hand. #commission #travelagent #workathome #travelagenttraining #crm


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