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How Host Travel Agencies Can Help You Earn High Commissions

Travel agencies have been a significant part of the travel industry for many years. They provide a valuable service to travelers by helping them plan and book their trips. Their services have also become even more efficient and effective, thanks to the rise of the Internet.

Despite them being essential in the sector, there has been a rise in host travel agencies. This trend allowed these businesses to earn higher commissions than ever before. A commission is a portion of the total travel cost of a booking that goes to the travel agent who made the reservation, potentially increasing earnings and income.

This article will help you earn high commissions and show how host travel agencies make money.

What Will Your Host Travel Agency Do?

When you collaborate with a host travel agency, they’ll explain how commission works in their organization. You can choose from various commissions, so consulting and understanding them is crucial before signing an agreement. The advantage is that instead of receiving multiple small payments from different travel vendors, agents partnered with a host agency get one regular paycheck that includes all their commissions. That way, you can simplify bookkeeping and concentrate on expanding your home-based travel agency.

Are Agents Affiliated with Major Hosts Qualified for Higher Commissions?

When travel agents collaborate with a host agency, they can expect to earn anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of their total commissions. The host agency provides support and resources, making it easier for agents to increase their earnings. They work with major vendors in bulk, meaning agents can sell more seats and earn higher commissions. However, even if an individual agent can’t sell much in a day, the combined efforts of all agents at a host agency can result in higher commissions for booking.

5 Ways These Establishments Make Money

After answering some essential questions, this section will enumerate how host travel agencies gain profit.

1. Special Extra Commissions from Vendors

Working with a host agency can increase your commission by building strong vendor relationships and securing exclusive agent deals. This partnership benefits everyone involved, including vendors who gain sales from preferred alliances with travel agents.

2. Group Tours

As a travel agent, you’d know that organizing group tours can be a lucrative opportunity because of the many travelers involved. Many travel agents specialize in group travel, including family reunions, weddings, hobby trips, and sports travel. Some may also focus solely on group travel to earn a significant income. Moreover, others may plan one or two travel groups yearly, generating their annual revenue from these trips alone.

3. Niche Travel

Travel agents can generate income by focusing on a niche, creating group trips, or becoming a go-to source for a specific travel experience. Some agents have two businesses under one umbrella, one for general travel and the other for a particular niche like wine and food travel.

4. Service Fees

Travel agents may charge a service fee for all clients or just for planning and itinerary building. The price can range from $100-$250+, and agents may only provide planning services without booking the travel.

5. Corporate Travel

Working in the travel industry allows you to specialize in corporate travel. Instead of booking individual vacations, you’ll focus on arranging business trips for corporate clients. It can also be a wise choice because you’ll have a steady stream of clients and can concentrate on their needs.

While you’ll usually book flights, lodging, and rental cars, you can earn high commissions because of the higher volume of bookings. Moreover, it may involve arranging group events or incentive travel.


Pursuing a career in the travel sector can be rewarding for aspiring agents and travel enthusiasts. You can earn high commissions by partnering with a reputable host travel agency.

If you’re looking for a professional host travel agency in the United States, check out Gateway Travel! We’re committed to providing agents with the needed tools and resources to grow their businesses with a focus on technology and marketing. Contact us now to learn more!


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