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Disney Property for Half the Cost

We LOVE all Disney Destinations here at Gateway Travel and due to our love for Disney we bring in several agents that also love going to Disney multiple times a year with their families. When signing up as a Travel Agent with Gateway Travel a great perk is the discounts you receive on Disney Destinations.

So what does this savings look like? Well, many of our new agents save right off the bat just by booking their own vacation and receiving their personal commission.

1. Signup through our DIY Personal Package.

2. Receive approval for DIY package and signup with DisneyTravelAgent link supplied by Gateway Travel.

3. Book your vacation in a very similar manor as you would have prior. You can book your trip both online with or by calling our special Earmarked Travel Agent Line.

Here is a glimpse of what the booking screens look like for DisneyTravelAgent ----->

Here is a glimpse of what the checkout screens look like showing commission for

DisneyTravelAgent ----->

So what is the extra cost? There are no extra cost and the booking price will be exactly the same as when booking directly on Disney's public website.

So what is different about booking as an agent through Gateway Travel? You will receive commission on your vacation. Commission is actually built in to all of Disney’s prices it’s just up to you if you want to let Disney keep it, or keep it for yourself!

Gateway Travel also grants their agents industry identification in the form of IATA Cards which Disney recognizes and rewards with room discounts, cruise line discounts, and ticket discounts. The travel industry can be such a great tool not only to grow a business but to help you and your family be able to afford to travel even more and make the best use of you travel funds!

If you have questions about any of our packages or earning your own discounted Disney vacations please take time to schedule a call with our owner! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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