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FAM Trips, what is it?

Check out our Current 2019 FAM Trip Here

Maybe you’ve heard the term “FAM trip” thrown around in the travel industry and never really understood what it was. Well, we are going to unfold the mystery of the FAM Trip right here, right now!

The FAM Trip was created by Suppliers (Disney, Royal Caribbean, Apple Vacations etc…) as a way to immerse the travel agent into their products, purpose, clientele, atmosphere, while also allowing the travel agent first hand destination education and experience at a low cost or many times Free!

To sum it up - FAM Trip ,short for familiarization trips, are defined as a free or low cost trip for travel agents provided by a travel operator or “supplier” as a means of promoting and marketing their services.

What are Three benefits of attending a FAM Trip?

1. FAMs are a great way to get away very inexpensively.

2. Your opportunity to try out a new destination and become a specialist - which in-turn opens up new clientele and niche market.

3. Marketing for you! Tweet, Instagram, Blog, and Facebook your way to new clients. Stir excitement and show off all the amazing features that supplier/travel operator has to offer while on our FAM Trip.

Does Gateway Travel offer FAM Trips?

ABSOLUTELY! We encourage all of our agents to take advantage of FAM Trips! Soon, a few of our agents will be traveling to Disney World and staying for a 3 night 4 day FAM Trip at the Grand Floridian (woo-hoo). We know this FAM Trip will allow not only a wealth of knowledge to our agents but the ability for them to share and market to their clients!

Have more questions about FAM Trips and how you can join our team of agents at Gateway Travel? Give us a call today! We’d love to talk with you!

What FAMs are you interested in?

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