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Gone Crazy, Yet?

As we all started this journey it seemed as though everyone was over-reacting. I personally wanted to believe the incredible steps taken to essentially remove our industry from the economy were too much, but the world was stopped in its tracks whether we wanted it or not. Our normalcy was stolen and we were thrown into an unknown society where sneezes are considered grounds for death, the grocery store has turned into a judgement zone of unlimited glares and eye rolls, and somehow toilet paper is now the overriding currency. So here's the question, how does a leisure travel agent get through a time when there is no leisure travel? How do we cope with losing the ground we gained over the past years? What do we do right now when no one is allowed to travel? We've talked about communication being of the utmost importance during this time of encouraged isolation and you can read that article about creating a great communication plan here, but let's approach this next step differently.

Change is hard. It's ok if we feel like life is over and we don't know how to move forward. Has anyone else gone through this? Is there a manual or experience in some historic article that instructs us how to navigate this new temporary life? If there is I haven't seen it. No, I don't believe we try to overcome this pandemic, but we attempt to pattern our lives based on hindsight, six months from now. Are we living our best life right now? Are we taking advantage of this small gift where family is forced to stay near each other, schools and non-essential employment is closed, and we have a special opportunity to make memories? No matter what you believe about the virus we are all addressing it from different perspectives. However, we can all take a big step forward and look at the amazing opportunity we all have to invest, not in our business, but in our personal life.

Let's not "get through this" let's "take advantage of this"! Create smiles, laughter, and joy with your family. Be a source of empowerment and give life to those around you. Encouragement is more powerful than ever! Take some time to relax and read a book...or two...or seven. Start something you've never "had time for". People are amazing and you are included in that statement.

You can do it!

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