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How to Identify The Shortcomings of Your Travel Training: A Gateway Travel Guide

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As a trusted partner for aspiring and established travel agents, Gateway Travel understands that quality travel training is crucial for your success in the industry. However, not all courses are made equal, and it's important to know when your training isn't delivering. Our training guide can help you become more self-aware about your educational journey, allowing you to pinpoint course shortcomings and ensure your training is meeting your essential needs.

Evaluating Travel Training

When building a prosperous career as a travel agent, training isn’t just important—it’s fundamental. High-quality training provides industry insights, develops your skills, and equips you with the tools to provide the best service to your clients.

However, the path to recognizing whether or not your training falls on the quality side is not always straightforward. It’s essential to evaluate your travel training routinely and constructively. This process can be guided by a trusted training evaluation model, which allows you to determine if your learning experience is in tune with your career objectives and aspirations.

5 Signs That Your Course Isn't Meeting Your Needs

1. Lack of Real-life Application

Ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius once remarked, "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand." This simple wisdom underlies a crucial aspect of effective training — it should relate directly to real-life situations.

Does your course give you ample opportunity to apply what you've discovered in a practical way, such as planning a hypothetical trip or navigating a practice booking system? If not, it is likely one of the major course shortcomings that can hamper your travel training progress.

2. Limited Personalized Support

Being a part of a discipline that thrives on communication, engagement, and support, you wouldn't be wrong to expect these same principles reflected in your training course. If the support you receive is impersonal, lackluster or — the worst-case scenario — absent, it's a glaring sign that the course isn't satisfying your travel training needs.

3. Irrelevant Content

Staying abreast of new trends, software, and best practices is crucial in the dynamic world of travel. Irrelevant or outdated content is a surefire sign that your course isn't meeting your needs. Your training should not only polish the basics but also arm you with knowledge about the latest industry trends and technologies.

4. Absence of Constructive Feedback

Receiving constructive feedback is one of the most effective ways to identify weaknesses, capitalize on strengths, and ultimately grow professionally. If your course is dominated by one-sided lectures without opportunities for evaluation and constructive feedback, it's high time to reassess if it is truly worth your while.

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5. Lack of Certified Recognition

On completion of your training, a certified recognition from a reputable source can greatly boost your career prospects. If the course does not offer accredited certification or recognized qualifications, you may need to reconsider its value.

The Gateway Promise

At Gateway Travel, our training courses tackle all these potential shortcomings head-on. Designed to meet the varied travel training needs of our agents, we ensure our programs are dynamic, effective, and adaptable to industry changes. Your success is our priority, and we commit to providing you tailored support, timely and relevant content, opportunities for real-life application, continuous constructive feedback, and recognized qualifications that will help your travel agent career thrive.


It's your career, and you have the right to expect the best from your training! With these tips in mind from our training guide, you can accurately assess the effectiveness of your current learning route and confidently navigate towards the fulfilling and successful career you deserve.

Remember that the best training empowers you, builds your confidence, and prepares you for success. If your course shows signs of these five shortcomings, consider tuning into what Gateway Travel offers. You'll find our dedication to your development and success offers a refreshing change and an exciting journey towards fulfilling your professional aspirations. Don't settle for less. Embark on a journey to uncompromised, comprehensive travel training today with Gateway Travel.


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