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Making the Switch: Preparing to Change Your Host Agency

June 10, 2024

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As a travel agent, selecting the right host agency is crucial for your success. Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or looking to expand, switching host agencies might be a strategic decision. Here’s how to carefully plan and execute the change, featuring tips from Gateway Travel.

Understanding the Reasons Behind the Switch

Before making a switch, it's important to clearly identify why you want to change. This could be due to a need for better technology, more competitive commission structures, superior support, or access to exclusive travel inventory. Understand your primary motivations, as they will drive your decision-making process.

Research is Crucial

Effective research is the first step in shifting to a new host agency. Investigate potential agencies’ support systems, commission models, technology offerings, and supplier relationships. Assess the quality of each agency by reading reviews and testimonials, particularly focusing on how they interact with their agents.

Planning Your Transition

Once you’ve chosen a new host, plan your move meticulously. Address any contractual terms with your current agency, like notice periods and non-compete clauses. Create a detailed checklist for your transition, covering everything from notifying your current host, settling any outstanding accounts, transferring ongoing bookings, to updating your marketing materials.

Managing Data Migration

Transferring your client information, booking history, and financial records securely is crucial. Work closely with your new host to understand their data integration process. Ensure you have backups of all data to prevent any potential loss during the transition.

Effective Communication

Maintaining clear communication with all parties involved is essential. Inform your clients about the change, explaining how it will benefit them. Reassure them that their existing bookings are handled with care to avoid any service disruption.

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The Role of Gateway Travel in Smoothing Transitions

Choosing Gateway Travel as your new host can simplify your transition. Renowned for their strong support systems and careful handling of data, Gateway ensures that your move is efficient. Their commitment to transparent communication also means you’ll always be well-informed during the process.


Switching host agencies is a meaningful step in advancing your career. With thorough preparation, detailed planning, careful data handling, and open communication, the transition can enhance your professional growth. Choosing a supportive host like Gateway Travel that values partnerships can significantly benefit your success. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and effective transition.


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