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Steps to Implementing Change

This month we are talking all about change. When you are in business, change is a necessary and healthy part of growth, which you know, growth and, more specifically, YOUR growth as a travel agent is essential to us here at Gateway Travel. Along with growth and change, you can sometimes find failure lurking nearby. Now failure may sound like a powerful word to some but for the sake of this video, let's define failure as something that "just is not working." This "failure" is typically a starting point for recognizing when change is necessary.

If you haven't watched our Youtube video on this topic you can access that here as well!

When working through the change process, the first thing we have to do is go back and evaluate our goals. If you haven't set goals or a mission statement for your business, this is a vital step - these will keep us balanced, focused and lay a healthy foundation to build. If we have no compass, we can't get to our destination. Goals and a mission statement give us that compass and direction.

Next, we need to evaluate what is working and what's not working. What are your clients saying? What areas do you feel aren't living up to your expectations? We should always evaluate areas we need to change to ensure we stay relevant, match the needs and season of our business, refresh our band, or take advantage of new goals and opportunities.

I always recommend defining why this change is needed and summarizing the outcome you hope this change will bring about. Taking time to jot this down will keep us focused and driven when implementing this change and give us a basis for evaluating the effectiveness.

Once we have reviewed our goals, evaluated areas we can improve or change, and established what those changes would be and their outcome, let's establish what barriers we have to overcome to implement these changes. Take time to brainstorm these barriers and create practical action steps to implement these changes. Write down 2 or 3 specific things you can do to make these changes a reality. Included in this brainstorm session, write down a timeline of when you will measure the successes of these changes. This process of change and evaluation should be a revolving door in a healthy business.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to stay motivated and consistent. The worst thing we can do is set incredible goals, timelines, actions steps and forget to implement and remain steady. There is an excellent quote by Lincoln Chafee that says

"Trust is built with consistency."

The consistency you exhibit will build trust with your clients even when change becomes necessary.


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