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Travel Goals

Everyone starts out the new year with ALL kinds of goals. Some are personal, or professional, or even financial.

Those are all great goals to strive for, but have you ever thought about setting Travel Goals??

Whether you are a travel agent OR just love to travel, the best way to make sure you experience the world is to set realistic goals! Setting just 5 goals each year allows you to budget your time, money, and energy towards reaching and accomplishing those goals.

As a travel agent, it is EXTREMELY important to set travel goals for yourself! Clients want to see that their travel agent loves to travel AND wants to experience the same places they travel themselves.

Every agent and family will be different and have different travel goals. To help give you an idea of realistic goals, here are the ones I set with my family. (A little background: Married with 2 younger kids and we both work full time)

1. Spend a vacation in the mountains

2. Visit family back home

3. Go to Disneyland in California!

4. Relax for a week on a cruise

5. Use our Universal season passes as much as possible!

Using these goals, we can then decide what time of year will be best to travel and how much money we plan to spend on each goal. Taking even a small amount of time to write these goals down really helps to plan your year and makes the most of the time you have when you want to travel!!

What are YOUR travel goals for 2020?? Set aside some time and start a list of your own!


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