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3 Key Elements to Planning Your Vacation

When the time comes to book your vacation there are key elements to discuss with all those involved.

Destination You’ve got to choose where you’ll be going! Will it be a family trip to Disneyland, an unplugged vacation cruising the seas, an all-inclusive resort to let your worries melt away, or a family road trip hitting some of our countries great destinations.

Budget More important than your destination may be your budget. Your budget normally sets the tone for your trip and may actually be the factor that picks out your destination. A great option to enlarge your budget can be working with Gateway Travel to earn commission on your trip as well as booking trips for your family and friends! When looking at your budget be sure to take time to review all things that will be pulling from you budget including; transportation - getting there and back, food - all meals and tips at restaurants, entertainment - movies, boat rental, theme parks, and you always need a little something left over for souvenirs!

Travel Dates Deciding when you’ll go on vacation can really make or break your trip. Check local city activities for your destination to ensure no races or festivals are bringing in extra congestion. Will you need to take the kids out of school? If so followup with teachers and administration weeks prior to your departure to be sure you know what’s expected of your offspring. What’s weather like? What activities are and aren’t available? Be sure to do your do-diligence you won't regret it!

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