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Why you shouldn't be a Travel Agent

Updated: April 9. 2024

I think it’s time we shed some light on this “At-Home Travel Agent” business to see if it truly is the right fit for you. We have taken some time to compile a small list of why you absolutely shouldn’t consider the At-Home work of a Travel Agent.

You prefer to pay full-price for your vacation.

Yes, if you prefer to pay full-price for your vacations an At Home Travel Agent position is not worth looking into. On average Travel Agents with Gateway Travel save upwards of $500 on their own vacations not including when they make money booking their family and friends.

You don’t like the ease of online booking engines.

If you've booked your vacations on sites like Priceline, Disney World, Expedia, Apple Vacations, Delta Airlines well consider yourself able to book vacations and get paid with Gateway Travel.

You don’t want to make money booking your friends and families vacations.

Sure, your friends and family always travel and why bother booking their trips and making money to save for your own All-Inclusive resort get-a-way.

You don't want excellent service

Yes, we have incredible support, but so do a bunch of other places. Not sure they have our ridiculous, 650+ 5 star reviews (as of March 2024), but who knows, maybe you'll get lucky! Either way, we're trying to show you that you won't be alone. At least not with us ;)

Too many discounted travel perks.

With so many options on discounted rooms and cruise lines now that you're a Gateway Travel Agent you may find yourself traveling more than you’d prefer. Taking advantage of FAM trips and Disney World discounted rooms can be a heavy burden for you and your family to bear or enjoy.

The facts are clear.

Being a Travel Agent with Gateway Travel will leave you with:

  • discounted vacations

  • ability to book your vacation online as you already do

  • make money off your friends and families trips

  • through the roof support

  • you get Travel Discounts on your own trips

  • you work from home on your computer

The choice is yours!


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