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Be Yourself

How can you be heard when you have so much competition? For a moment, let’s forget the big box chains who lowball all your travel itineraries. What about Joe Shmo’s Travel Agency across town, and Nancy Nobody’s Vacation Services in your same neighborhood. How do you beat them? How do you get the clientele they are somehow getting?

There are so many factors in how to create, market, and efficiently run a good business that we can’t possibly touch on them in one article. However, we can totally point out one major area in business where we see a lot of people fail. It’s very simple, yet difficult, for some reason, to follow through and complete. The amazing, hidden secret is BE YOURSELF. That’s it!

However, instead of ending the article right here, let’s dive into two tips to help you show your personality and differentiate your business.

1. Show your personality in your materials.

Trade shows, client meetings, store front, website, social media, and any other avenue where you come in contact with your client, you must show your personality. This is your most natural differentiator that no one can copy and it’s the easiest for you to accomplish. They can’t be you. Only you can be you. At best, someone may be able to produce a thrift shop copy, but they will never be able to replicate you. If you like a lot of vibrant colors, own it. If you prefer symmetrical boxes and charts, own it!

2. Do something different

The best thing you can do is differentiate yourself. Find something personal that you like to do for your clients. It should be a value-added service. Make them special luggage tags, an ID holder, balloons, a flower, and vacation game. Whatever fits your personality, has value, and makes you stand out, you should implement that service. You can differentiate, not only from a personality standpoint, but a travel standpoint. Find something where you can be the best. Find something that no one does well in your area. Make a list of two or three suppliers you feel you can be successful at selling. Once you have your list, focus on learning everything your chosen supplier’s offer. Being the best in a few destinations, rather than being average at the majority of destinations will always give you better visibility and long-term clients. We give a little more input on supplier choices here.

Using these two easy strategies will help grow and launch your business in the right direction.

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